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Personal Chess Trainer
The most efficient way to improve your chess. Tactics, Strategy & Endgames train.
Sersoft Informática
Chess Openings Wizard
The best way to learn a repertoire is by using Chess Openings Wizard.
Mike Leahy, Bookup

Learn Chess Openings for

MasterChess 5000
Game database that also plays chess.
Chess Openings Wizard - Lite
Mike Leahy, Bookup
Learn to Play Chess with Fritz and Chesster
Learning packages that teach kids to play chess in a fun and unique way.
Modern Chess Openings. Sicilian Defence.
It includes theoretical material focusing on the typical playing methods.
Chess Openings Wizard Lite
Mike Leahy, Bookup
Chess Openings Wizard Professional
Chess Openings Wizard is a great way to stay entertained while playing chess.
Mike Leahy, Bookup
Comprehensive Chess Openings 2005
Is is an opening encyclopedia including detailed theoretical material.

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Learn Chess Openings for

H.O.R.S.T. Professional
A completely new software for organization and training of chess openings.
Stephan Schmahl
Modern Chess Openings. Slav Defense
Allows one, to master the standard methods of playing in this popular opening.
Convekta Ltd.
Chess Openings
Analyze your games and ideas with the included Stockfish, Crafty and Ruffian.
Mike Leahy
Chess Openings Encyclopedia 2011
Tool for learning chess openings includes theoretical material on every opening.
Chess Openings - What You Need To Know
This course is illustrated by well-chosen master games,with instructive comments.
Chess King
Fritz 13
Chess playing software suitable for both amateurs and pros.
ChessOK Aquarium 2012
Program that allows you to test your chess skills.
Convekta Ltd
HIARCS PC Chess Explorer
Chess database, analysis and playing program.
Applied Computer Concepts Ltd.